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Titanium Elastic Nail

Titanium Elastic Nail is generally used in children to treat diaphyseal and metaphyseal fractures. The TEN allows for elastically stable intramedullary nailing. The age of the patient, as well as the nature and location of the fracture, determine if the TEN (Titanium Elastic Nail) is necessary. In correctly selected patients aged 6-16 years, intramedullary fixation titanium elastic nailing is a successful treatment for diaphyseal fractures of the femur.

Early union, lower likelihood of malunion, sparing of the physis, early mobilization and weight-bearing, mini-invasive method with easy implant removal, and high patient and parent satisfaction rates are among the benefits of intramedullary nailing with titanium elastic nails (TENs). In children older than six years of age, good results at mid-term follow-up have been reported. The usefulness of TEN in the treatment of diaphyseal femoral fractures in pre-school children under the age of five is unknown. The goal of this study was to see how well intramedullary nailing with TEN worked in a group of children under the age of six who had diaphyseal femoral fractures.

TENS Nails (Titanium Elastic Nails) are used to treat diaphyseal fractures in which the canal is limited and the implant must be flexible.

TENS Nail is also used to treat metaphyseal and epiphyseal fractures, including as radial neck fractures, as well as carpal and tarsal bone fixation. The elastic nail’s elasticity allows it to be put at a point that does not interrupt the bone development plate in pediatric applications.

Keywords: Elastic titanium nailing, pediatric femoral fractures, intramedullary nail