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We are manufacturer and exporter of Trauma ImplantsBone Plates and Bone Screws cortical Screw offered by HCM Ortho Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, India. This consists of Orthopedic Implants and Instruments that are commonly required for trauma applications. Plates may be applied in different modes according to the function mandatory which includes Protection (neutralization), Compression, Bridging, and Buttress. A trauma implant, also known as an orthopedic implant, is a medical device used in the treatment of bone fractures, deformities, or other traumatic injuries to the musculoskeletal system. These implants are designed to stabilize and support the bones during the healing process, allowing for proper alignment and restoration of function. Here are some key aspects of trauma implants. The doctors that continually strive to provide excellent surgical treatments with a strong premium on patient care prefer our Trauma Implant plates, screws, and other equipment.

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Trauma Bone Plates:

Trauma Bone Plate

Trauma Bone Plates are available in self compression, reconstruction and miscellaneous plates for non magnetic material made SS 316L trauma implants. Plate of the holes may be designed for non-locking screws, locking screws, or either and designed to assist dynamic compression. To be easier to contour in complex anatomic locations are Reconstruction plates designed.One thing is more important all plates must be fit in the shape of the bones and mid-shaft of many long bones is straight so plates apply to these region may not require to be contoured.A trauma bone plate is a type of orthopedic implant used to stabilize and support fractured bones during the healing process. It is specifically designed for the treatment of traumatic injuries, such as fractures resulting from accidents, falls, or sports-related incidents. Here are some key aspects of trauma bone plates. The use of metallic surgical implants gives orthopedic surgeons the ability to precisely fixate bone and, frequently, to supervise fractures. 


Trauma Bone Screw:

Prominent Manufacturer of trauma implants – bone screws 2.4mm & 2.7mm Cortex Screw from Ahmedabad. Cortical Trauma Bone Screw is a machine type screw. These threads are smaller in diameter and are closely placed lower pitch and the core diameter is moderately large & provides the essential strength. Also, smaller pitches increase the asset power of the screw. Trauma bone screws are commonly used in orthopedic surgeries to treat fractures and provide stability to the affected bones. Here are some additional details about trauma bone screws.Our Trauma Implant plates, screws, and other equipment’s are preferred by the surgeons who are consistently determined to give superior surgical treatments with high priority on patient care. The use of metallic surgical implant provides orthopedic surgeons means for exact bone fixation & commonly for the supervision of fractures. Each of the implants in this sector has specific indication depending on bone size & applications.

Trauma Bone Screw